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Staff Directory


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Nate Forsyth
Director of Athletics and Student Life
641-648-8516 Nate.Forsyth@iavalley.edu
Katie Reed
Head Cheer/Dance Coach
641-648-8631  Katie.Reed@iavalley.edu


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Travis Akre
Head Baseball Coach
641-648-8534 Travis.Akre@iavalley.edu
Trey Muilenburg
Assistant Baseball Coach
563-271-8950 treymuilenburg@gmail.com
Shawn Kahre
Assistant Baseball Coach
812-890-3190 Shawn.Kahre@iavalley.edu
Travis Walker
Assistant Baseball Coach
641-648-8534 traviswalker3@gmail.com


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Tony Haynes
Head Football Coach/QB Coach
641-648-8517 Tony.Haynes@iavalley.edu
Charles Alexander
Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator
641-648-8618 Charles.Alexander@iavalley.edu
Tyler Uselton
Assistant Head Coach/Co-Offensive Coordinator/OL Coach
641-648-8617 Tyler.Uselton@iavalley.edu
Cory McNeil
Special Teams Coordinator/WR Coach
641-648-8626 Cory.Mcneil@iavalley.edu
Johnathan Ramey
Offensive Coordinator & Recruiting Coordinator
641-648-8624 Johnathan.Ramey@iavalley.edu
Justin Mitchell
Defensive Line Coach
Clayton Nalan
Defensive Assistant

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Troy Muilenburg
Head Men's Basketball Coach
641-648-8693 Troy.Muilenburg@iavalley.edu
Brent Carmichael
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kristi Larson
Head Softball Coach
641-648-8627 Kristi.Larson@iavalley.edu
Megan Kaestner
Pitching Coach

Sports Shooting Club

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dale Stockdale
Head Shooting Club Coach

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Molly Greenfield
Head Women's Basketball Coach
515-689-6173 Molly.Greenfield@iavalley.edu


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Cole Spree
Head Wrestling Coach
641-648-8711 Cole.Spree@iavalley.edu
Adam Fahs
Assistant Wrestling Coach
269-873-0022 Adam.Fahs@iavalley.edu

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Sara Jesse
Head Volleyball Coach
319-830-1493 Sara.Jesse@iavalley.edu